"HAPPY CLASSROOMS" is a Positive Education programme (Positive Psychology applied to Education) designed for children and youth of Preschool, Primary and Secondary Education. It is gratuitous and for free distribution. It aims to provide resources to work in all school subjects and to foster the most transversal Key Competences, Guidance and Counselling Programmes, and Values Education. Its structure can be summarized as follows:
Programme components
Elements of school curriculum in which it is integrated
Intervention levels
Target students
-To enhance the personal and social development of students.

-To promote happiness in students, teachers and families.
1. Mindfulness.

2. Education of the 24 character strengths (Peterson & Seligman, 2004):

. Global proposals.
. Specific proposals.
. Personalized plans.
. Joint work between families and schools.
-Key Competences: sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, social and civic competences, and learning to learn.

-Guidance and Counselling Programmes.

-Values Education.

-Teaching teams (organized by levels or subject departments).

-The Educational Centre.

-The Educational Community.
-Students of Preschool, Primary and Secondary Education.